SOC of the Future - How to Run an Effective SOC


The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the backbone of an effective cyber strategy. Running an effective SOC is way more than tuning a SIEM or hiring more analysts. The building blocks of a SOC require thoughtful convergence of people, process, and technology.
Executed effectively, a SOC brings visibility, confidence and efficiency to security operations and incident response processes. A properly implemented SOC can enable analysts to triage the tsunami of alerts flooding the organization, provide contextual data which allows analysts to appropriately prioritize incidents based on the severity of the threat, and ultimately greatly reduce time to remediate security issues by consistently executing processes.

Presented By:
- Meny Har, VP Product Siemplify

- Miguel Carrero, CRO Siemplify

In this webcast:

Learn how to drive efficiency and effectiveness across security operations and how SOC Managers are taking back control to spot what’s important and act on it fast.