Intelligence-Driven Security Orchestration


Security operations teams are modern-day detectives, combing through clues to thwart cyberthreats. But the volume  of alerts, manual processes and multiple consoles often hinder teams from effectively discovering and responding to truly malicious activity. In this webinar Siemplify joins forces with Symantec to explore how security orchestration and threat intelligence combine to improve incident response.

Presented By:
 - Al Cooley, Director DeepSight Threat Intelligence, Symantec

- Meny Har, VP Product, Siemplify

- Nimmy Reichenberg, CMO, Siemplify

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The vital role context plays in security operations and how it powers incident investigation and response
  • How threat intelligence and security orchestration provide deeper insights to streamline alert validation, incident prioritization and response
  • How Siemplify and Symantec DeepSight Intelligence integrate, drive a standardized workflow and improve security incident response